3 ways to optimize your pet insurance

on Dec 10, 2022 02:59:PM

Insurance companies favor the young. When the policyholder is healthy, the claim submissions tend to be lower. Pet insurance is no different. Getting pet insurance when your pet is young is arguably the very best way to optimize your policy.

By starting at an early age, owners can secure a low rate. If they wait until the pet ages and becomes riskier to insure they can expect that risk to be reflected in their premiums. But a young cat or dog is typically a healthy cat or dog. Accordingly, you won't have to break the bank for pet insurance (generally $30 to $70 monthly for dogs and $15 to $40 each month for cats). 

Another benefit to starting when your pet is young and healthy? You can avoid pre-existing condition exclusions. Pet insurance providers can discriminate against pets with pre-existing conditions and exclude those issues from coverage. But if you act soon, before any nagging health issues arise, you can put your pet in the running for more comprehensive care (and at a lower cost).

So start shopping for a pet insurance plan now, before prices rise. You can get a free price quote from pet insurer Lemonade now. 

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