Biden Asks Supreme Court To Intervene In Second Lawsuit

on Dec 03, 2022 05:38:PM

The Biden Administration asked the Supreme Court Friday to take up a second case challenging the White House’s student loan forgiveness policy—a move that won’t result in student debt relief being immediately reinstated, but makes it possible the program could take effect sooner.

The Biden Administration asked the court to consider U.S. Department of Education v. Brown, which blocked the student loan forgiveness program from being implemented after a decision from a federal judge.

The lawsuit was brought by individual borrowers who argue the White House improperly implemented the program because it did not allow for a public comment period before it went into effect.

U.S District Judge Mark Pittman, a Trump appointee, overturned the policy as a result, ruling the Biden Administration exceeded its authority in implementing the program—which the Biden Administration argued he “profoundly erred” by doing, as the judge made his decision based on legal arguments that were never brought up in the initial lawsuit.

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