How Ablera’s ABACUS Helps Insurance Companies

on Dec 07, 2022 11:11:AM

Bulgarian company Ablera recently enhanced its AI-powered ABACUS solution in order to bring next level speed and accuracy in insurance tech processes, minimizing the error-prone, cumbersome manual efforts and allowing a wider range of users to work with applied mathematics.

By working together with technology provider ALSO Bulgaria, Ablera has now added ML algorithms to the commonly used generalized linear models (GLM), which allows ABACUS to use a wider range of risk factors.

To infuse AI in their solution Ablera used the ALSO-provided IBM Watson Studio, a leading data science and machine learning solution that helps enterprises accelerate AI-powered digital transformation.

The Bulgarian company will discuss its collaboration with IBM and the work on the ABACUS product at the ALSO’s Tech2Scale event on December 12 at Flex-R lounge at the Sofia Airport Center. The event aims to help companies utilize the tech provider’s expert guidance in how to scale their B2B startups, while learning how to build and market their solutions.

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