How has insurance industry created this perfect storm?

on Dec 04, 2022 01:04:PM

There is an important question all Floridians – and lawmakers – need to ask. What’s behind the state’s property insurance crisis – and who should bear the brunt of fixing it?

The insurance industry believes that Florida property owners should bear the brunt. Lawmakers have done the insurance companies’ bidding by passing radical legislative reforms that limit consumer rights but have required nothing from the industry in exchange.

Specifically, the marketplace (and Florida law) is heavily weighted in favor of the insurance industry, without any obligation for companies to lower rates in exchange for the reforms.

The insurance industry has consistently opposed proposals tying the proposed reforms to actual rate relief for the consumers. In short, the industry wants to limit the rights of consumers and give nothing in return. No promise of better claims handling, no reduction in rates, no greater accountability – nothing – in exchange for massive reform that makes it very difficult for the ordinary consumer to get their claim paid timely and fairly. 

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