Tesla China kicks off 2023 with new delivery, insurance, and trade-in incentives

on Jan 01, 2023 01:13:PM

Tesla China seems intent on starting 2023 on a strong note. As the new year started in China, the electric vehicle maker made its current offerings more attractive to customers through a set of new, compelling incentives. 

China is not only the world’s largest electric vehicle market; it is also arguably the most competitive. While Tesla generally dominates North America with its electric vehicles like the Model Y crossover and the Model 3 sedan, the American EV maker actually has legitimate competition in China. These come in the form of EVs from veteran companies like BYD to upstarts like NIO. 

With this in mind, it is no surprise that Tesla China is taking the domestic EV market seriously. This could be hinted at in Tesla China’s official Weibo account, which recently posted a number of incentives for customers to welcome the new year. To commemorate the start of 2023, for example, a delivery incentive of RMB 6,000 and an insurance subsidy of RMB 4,000 are now offered. A preferential rate for car loans via Tesla Financing and preferred lenders was also included. 

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